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2017 - 2018

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Spencerville High School
2500 Wisher Drive
Spencerville, Ohio 45887
Spencerville Middle School
2500 Wisher Drive
Spencerville, Ohio 45887
Spencerville Elementary
2500 Wisher Drive
Spencerville, Ohio 45887


Superintendent Dennis Fuge
Treasurer Diane L. Eutsler
7-12 Principal Scott Gephart
K-6 Principal Susan Wagner
President Penny Kill
Vice President John Goecke
Member Holly Lee
Member Clarke Prichard
Member Lori Ringwald
Apollo Board Rep Penny Kill


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Abel, Rachel abelr@svbearcats.org Grade 2 Teacher 3157
Allen, Lacy allenl@svbearcats.org HS English Grades 9 & 11 3247
A/D - John Zerbe ad@svbearcats.org Athletic Director 3216
Baumgartner, Jim baumgartnerjim@svbearcats.org Guidance Counselor 9-12 3125
Baumgartner,Joy baumgartnerjoy@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist Grades 9-12 3234
Beining, Amanda beininga@svbearcats.org MS / HS Vocal Music 3235
Binkley, Diane binkleyd@svbearcats.org Title I 3155
Bohyer, Rachel bohyerr@svbearcats.org MS / HS Study Hall Monitor 3127
Brenneman, Donita brennemand@svbearcats.org Bus 14 (Butterfly)  
Brown, Michele brownm@svbearcats.org Grade 2 Teacher 3140
Burnett, Jeff burnettj@svbearcats.org District Maintenance  
Carpenter, Nicole carpentern@svbearcats.org Cafe / Cook  
Clark, Elizabeth clarke@svbearcats.org Calculus / Geometry / Integrated II 3128
Cottrill, Amber cottrilla@svbearcats.org Bus 7 (Kangaroo)  
Crisp, Loree crispl@svbearcats.org Bus 4 (Cow)  
Dettrow, Jordan dettrowj@svbearcats.org HS Social Studies 3244
DeVilbiss, Dorothy devilbissd@svbearcats.org Bus 6 (Giraffe)  
Dickrede, Devonne dickreded@svbearcats.org Grade 2 Teacher 3184
Edinger, John edingerj@svbearcats.org Digital Academy Administrator 3500
Ekis, Greg ekisg@svbearcats.org HS/MS Phys Ed/HS Health 3241
Ekis, Kim ekisk@svbearcats.org Elementary Secretary (K-4) 3100
England, Beverly englandb@svbearcats.org Grade 5 Teacher 3187
Eutsler, Diane eutslerd@svbearcats.org Treasurer 3204
Evans, Dave evansd@svbearcats.org Bus 5 (Elephant)  
Falke, Shane falkes@svbearcats.org HS / MS / EL Phys Ed 3136
Fell, Mary fellm@svbearcats.org School Nurse 3105
Fosnaugh, Emma fosnaughe@svbearcats.org Elementary Art 3149
Fuge, Dennis fuged@svbearcats.org Superintendent 3205
Gephart, Scott gepharts@svbearcats.org Principal 7-12 3203
German, Derik germand@svbearcats.org 2nd Shift Maintenance  
Goecke, John goeckej@svbearcats.org Board Member  
Graham, Michael grahamm@svbearcats.org Elementary / MS Keyboarding/Technology 3137
Gratz, Amy gratza@svbearcats.org HS-MS Art/Yearbook/Photography 3239
Hanjora, Kim hanjorak@svbearcats.org Food Prep & Cashier  
Hemker, Sarah hemkers@svbearcats.org Math Grades 7 & 8 3130
Hittle, Brandon hittleb@svbearcats.org Technology Assistant 3319
Hoback, Amy hobacka@svbearcats.org Grade 5 Teacher 3195
Hollar, Carole hollarc@svbearcats.org Grade 1 Teacher 3143
Hollar, Heidi heidi.hollar@allencountyesc.org ESC School Psychologist 3110
Huber, Jennifer huberj@svbearcats.org Grade 3 Teacher 3189
Hunter, Kristina hunterk@svbearcats.org HS Biology / Anatomy 3236
Hurst, Daniele hurstd@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist K-1 3150
Kaverman, Tara kavermant@svbearcats.org Van Driver  
Keller, Rick kellerr@svbearcats.org Bus 14 (Butterfly)  
Kill, Deb killd@svbearcats.org Head Cook 3106
Kill, Penny killp@svbearcats.org Board Member (Vice President)  
Klosterman, Emily klostermane@svbearcats.org HS English Grades 10 & 12 3248
Koenig, Sydney koenigs@svbearcats.org Grade 3 Teacher 3142
Koenig, Tyler koenigt@svbearcats.org Custodian 3rd Shift  
Krouskop, Rita krouskopr@svbearcats.org Bus 12 (Turtle)  
Kuhn, Ann kuhna@svbearcats.org Grade 1 Teacher 3158
Kuhn, James kuhnj@svbearcats.org HS Social Studies 3238
Kyler, Amanda kylera@svbearcats.org HS Spanish 3237
Lammers, Joe lammersj@svbearcats.org District Maintenance 2nd Shift 3165
Lammers, Robin lammersr@svbearcats.org Media Center Monitor 3107
Langhals, Kay langhalsk@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist Grade 3 3129
Lee, Holly leeh@svbearcats.org Board Member  
Lyle, Denise lyled@svbearcats.org Server  
Mabry, Barbie mabryb@svbearcats.org Math 7 / Reading 8 3190
Market, Lora lora.market@allencountyesc.org ESC MH Teacher Aide 3485
Martinez, Heather martinezh@svbearcats.org K-5 Playground Monitor 3144
McConnell, Jo mcconnellj@svbearcats.org HS Home Economics 3240
McConnell, Rachel rachel.mcconnell@allencountyesc.org Speech/Hearing Pathologist 3159
McMichael, Brian   Tutor  
McMichael, Georgia mcmichaelg@svbearcats.org Media Center 3208
McMichael, Ryan mcmichaelr@svbearcats.org HS Vocational Agriculture 3211
Metzger, Gayla metzgerg@svbearcats.org Admin. Asst./EMIS 3201
Metzger, Jim metzgerj@svbearcats.org District Maintenance 2nd Shift 3283
Miller, Ron millerr@svbearcats.org Bus 18 (Deer)  
Mooney, Ashley ashley.mooney@allencountryesc.org ESC MH Teacher 3147
Morrison, Tammy tammy.morrison@allencountyesc.org ESC PS Teacher Aide  
Mueller, Dorthea muellerd@svbearcats.org High School  Secretary (9-12) 3200
Mulholland, Tressa mulhollandt@svbearcats.org Grade 4 Teacher 3191
Munoz, Kristina munozt@svbearcats.org Grade 1 Teacher 3141
Munshower, Rachel munshowerr@svbearcats.org Science Grades 7 & 8 3219
Murphy, Damaris murphyd@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist Grades 7 - 10 3156
Nellis, Kim kim.nellis@allencountyesc.org ESC Special Education Supervisor 3161
Newland, Sara newlands@svbearcats.org Food Service Supervisor 3206
Oen, Katlend katlend.oen@allencountyesc.org Allen County ESC MD Unit #2 3170
O'Rear, Kevin oreark@svbearcats.org HS Industrial Technology 3210
Orr, Richard orrr@svbearcats.org Algebra II/PreCalculus/Senior Math/Int. III 3245
Parent, Jennifer parentj@svbearcats.org Elementary Music 3145
Prichard, Clarke prichardc@svbearcats.org Board Member  
Prichard, Melissa prichardm@svbearcats.org Language Arts Grades 7-9 3104
Prine, Sarah sarah.prine@allencountyesc.org ESC MD Teacher Aide  
Pugh, Jennifer pughj@svbearcats.org English / Reading Grade 6 3120
Rammel, Cindy rammelc@svbearcats.org English Adv. Grade 6 / English & Reading Grade 7 3132
Ringwald, Lori ringwaldl@svbearcats.org Board Member  
Roberts, Carl robertsc@svbearcats.org Bus Mechanic 3108
Roof, Kim roofk@svbearcats.org Food Prep & Server  
Schwark, Karen schwarkk@svbearcats.org Van Driver  
Schwartz, Amy schwartza@svbearcats.org Kindergarten Teacher 3154
Schwartz, Lori schwartzl@svbearcats.org Science Grade 5 3139
Sensabaugh, Kevin sensabaughk@svbearcats.org Social Studies Grades 7-8 3126
Shaw, Ben shawb@svbearcats.org District Maintenance 1st Shift  
Shoppell, Amy shoppella@svbearcats.org Technology Coordinator 3114
Shumate, Pam shumatep@svbearcats.org Math Adv. Grade 7 / Integrated I / Algebra I 3243
Smith, Trenton smitht@svbearcats.org Title I 3450
Snipes, Jennifer jennifer.snipes@allencountyesc.org ESC PS Teacher 3329
Sommers, Chris sommersc@svbearcats.org MS / HS Social Studies 3162
Sommers, Sara sommerss@svbearcats.org Digital Academy Aide 3492
Stager, Julie julie.stager@allencountyesc.org ESC PS Teacher Aide  
States, Missy missy.states@allencountyesc.org ESC PS Teacher 3328
Stemen, Rebekah stemenr@svbearcats.org Grade 3 Teacher 3140
Stemen, Zach stemenz@svbearcats.org Maintenance Supervisor 3414
Stephenson, Jennifer stephensonj@svbearcats.org Kindergarten Teacher 3146
Stewart, Mandi stewartm@svbearcats.org Media Center Monitor 3106
Suever, Terri suevert@svbearcats.org Grade 1 Teacher 3152
Sullivan, Nancy sullivann@svbearcats.org Kindergarten Teacher 3153
Thompson, Anna thompsona@svbearcats.org Reading Grade 4 3151
Thompson, Lezlie thompsonl@svbearcats.org Kindergarten Teacher 3199
Thompson, Matthew thompsonm@svbearcats.org Science / Social Studies Grade 4 3231
Unrast, Emily unraste@svbearcats.org HS Biology / Chemistry / Physics 3233
VanGorder, Josh vangorderj@svbearcats.org Instrumental Music 5-12 3209
Voice, Kelly kelly.voice@allencountyesc.org Occupational Therapist  
Wagner, Angel wagnera@svbearcats.org HS Business / Technology / Website 3131
Wagner, Susan wagners@svbearcats.org Principal K-6 3101
Wegesin, Tom wegesint@svbearcats.org Science Grade 6 / Health Grade 7 / Careers Grade 8 3133
Willrath, Priscilla willrathp@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist Grades 2 & 4 3138
Wood, Billie woodb@svbearcats.org Middle School Secretary (5-8) 3103
Woods, Julie woodsj@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist Grades 5 & 6 3135
Zerbe, Brooke zerbeb@svbearcats.org Guidance Counselor K-8 3121
Zenz, Kory zenzk@svbearcats.org Intervention Specialist Grades 7 & 8 3217
Zimmerman, Denise zimmermand@svbearcats.org Treasurer's Assistant 3213

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