Middle School Staff

Middle School Staff

Ms. Amanda Beining
Mrs. Beining's high school choir director, Randy Baughman, an incredible musician and educator, encouraged her involvement in music and her pursuit of a degree in Music Education. Mrs. Beining graduated from Toledo Whitmer High School and Wright State University with both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She previously taught at West Middle School and Elida Middle School prior to coming to Spencerville. She and her husband Matthew have a cat named Lucy. Mrs. Beining really enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. If she wasn't a teacher she would LOVE to perform on Broadway.  She is very excited to begin her new teaching life as a BEARCAT!

Ms. Rachel
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Mr. John Edinger
Middle School Principal

Mr. Greg Ekis


Ms. Beverly England

Mrs. England has two sons named Michael and Aaron.  In her free time she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  She graduated from Spencerville High School and received a bachelors degree from OSU in Elementary Education and a masters degree from Marygrove College.  She started teaching in the fall of 1988.

Mr. Shane Falke

His main inspiration in becoming a teacher was his third grade teacher. He previously taught at Vantage Career Center. He graduated from Elida, and was an undergrad at Findlay where he majored in Health and Physical Education. He did his  graduate work at Miami University as an Intervention Specialist. He is married to Michelle Falke, Spencerville High School's guidance counselor, and has two children, Luke and Lydia. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities, like camping, hunting, and fishing. If he were to choose an alternate career, he would be an electrician. Go Bearcats!

Mr. Mike Graham

Mrs. Sarah Hemker

Mrs. Hemker was inspired to be a teacher beacuse she has been around teachers, so she has always had a high regard for the teaching field. When she was younger, she used to volunteer and work with young kids. Those experiences led her to the teaching field. She started teaching at Spencerville in 2015. Before Spencerville, she taught at St. Pius X school in Toledo for three years, Wildwood Environmental Academy in Toledo for two years, Lake Local Schools for three years, and then took five years off to be a stay at home mom. She graduated from Anthony Wayne High School in the Toledo area, Bowling Green State  University with a bachelor's degree and master's degree. She has a husband, Matt, and three children, Jake (8), Nate (6), and Kate (5). She also has a dog named Roxie, a rabbit named Winter, and five chickens. In her free time, she likes to read, sew, craft, cook, bake, can, watch movies, and spend time with family and friends. If she wasn't a teacher, she would probably be either a nurse or a physical therapist specializing in sports related injuries.

Mrs. Amy Hoback

Mrs. Hoback is the wife of Shane, and together they have two daughters, Emma and Claire. Also a part of her family are two dogs named Lilly and Daisy. Mrs. Hoback graduated from Spencerville High School and Bluffton College. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and also in Special Education. She received a Masters degree in Classroom Education from Walden University. Her father had  the biggest impact and was the inspiration for her to become a teacher. She also was inspired by professors in college and teachers in high school. She has been teaching at Spencerville since 1998. Mrs. Hoback loves to spend time with her kids. However, when she has time to herself she likes to read, shop, or exercise. She also loves to do things that allow her to be creative, even though the end product may not be the best! Her talent is helping other people.

Mrs. Barbie Mabry

Mrs. Rachel Munshower

Mrs. Munshower was inspired by several of her teachers. She has a love for learning and wants to share it with others. She started working at Spencerville in 2015 and previously taught in North Carolina for 6 years and in California for 1 year. She graduated from Delphos Jefferson High School, has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education focusing in Science and Language Arts, and a Masters of Education in Middle Childhood Educaton from the Ohio State University. She and her husband, Andrew have a son Austin. She also has 2 dogs, Jaxon and Missy. In her free time, she likes to watch baseball and college football, read, travel, and spend time with family. If she wasn't teaching she would want to own her own business.

Mrs. Damaris Murphy

Mrs. Murphy was inspired to become a teacher by the great teachers she had throughout high school. She started teaching in 2013 and began working at Spencerville in 2015. She previously taught at Freedom Elementary School in Lima for one year, amd before that, she taught at Faircrest Memorial Middle School in Canton. She graduated from Northwestern High School in West Salem, Ohio and has a Bachelor's Degree in Intervention Specialist Education and Early Childhood Education from Malone University in Canton. Her husband is Nehemiah and she has two dogs, Baby and Pappy, and three cats, Bojangles, Miss Belle, and BP. She also has 8 chickens. In her free time, she is a beekeeper and also enjoys gardening, traveling, camping, reading, and spending time with family. She is also a small group leader in her church's middle school youth group. If she wasn't teaching she would want to work as a park ranger at a National Park or as an entomologist.

Mrs. Melissa Prichard

Mrs. Prichard was inspired to become a teacher by Connie Anderson, her AP English teacher in high school. She learned so much and loved that class that she wanted to provide that experience to other children.  Mrs. Prichard started teaching in the school year of 1988. She graduated from Spencerville High School, was an undergrad at Ohio State for English Communications, and then got her masters at the University of Dayton in School Counseling. She has a husband of over 20 years, Clarke. Together they have 4 children, Paige, Dak, Paris, and Dalty and one grandchild. They have 2 labradoodles - Mac and Mo. If she wasn't a teacher, she would be a life coach or a family counselor. Her dream is to be a motivational speaker.

Mrs. Jen Pugh

Mrs. Pugh has been teaching at Spencerville since the 2002-2003 school year.  She graduated from Parkway High School and was an undergraduate at Wright State University. She obtained a masters degree in curriculum and design  from Bowling Green State University.  She and her husband, Eric, have a daughter Madison and a  son Isaiah. She also has two dogs, Jax and Izzy. She likes to cook, plant flowers, decorate and shop. She also enjoys reading and playing the piano.

Mrs. Cindy Rammel

Mrs. Rammel loves spending time with her family, riding on her Goldwing, and reading. She is married to Don Rammel and together they have four children: Stephanie (Matt), Don (Erin), Michael (Devon), and Ian (Audra). She and her husband also have seven wonderful grandchildren. Mrs. Phyliss Fell, her seventh and eighth grade teacher inspired her to become a teacher. She graduated from Spencerville High School  and received her bachelor's and masters degrees at OSU-Lima. She first started subbing all over the Lima area and then found her home at Spencerville where she has been teaching since 1996. 

Mr. Kevin Sensabaugh

Mr. Sensabaugh is married to Gina and has three sons Owen, Will, and Blake.  He graduated from Spencerville High School. He was an undergrad at Ohio Northern University and received his masters degree from Marygrove College. Mr. Sensabaugh entered this field because he heard it wasn't difficult to find a job and he also wanted to coach. He started teaching in 1999 and began coaching basketball in 2002.  In his free time he likes to golf and loves watching college basketball. If he wasn't a teacher he would like to be a college basketball coach.

Mrs. Pam Shumate

OAT Info:

Mrs. Shumate has been teaching at Spencerville since 1991.  She graduated high school from Wapakoneta Sr. High and college from Malone.  There she received a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education.  She also attended the University of Dayton and received a masters in Educational Administration.  She knew she wanted to do something that made a difference.  Teaching allows her to do this and have holidays and summers to spend time with her kids.  Ed Shumate is her husband and together they have children Tyler, Lucas, and Alexandria.  If she wasn't a teacher she would love to farm or to be a veterinarian.

Mr. Chris Sommers

Mr. Josh VanGorder

Mr. Van Gorder has been teaching at Spencerville  since 2005.  He taught for four years at Paulding before coming here.  He graduated from Northwestern High School and BGSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education.  In high school he was passionate about music and teaching so he decided to put them together.  His wife is Alison and he have two sons named Joel and Carson.  Josh likes to spend time with his family, serve in his church music ministry, and play sports and video games occasionally.  If he wasn't a teacher then he would want to tour with a professional jazz orchestra.

Mr. Tom Wegesin

Mr. Wegesin graduated from Delphos St. John's High School and he has a diploma from Northwestern Business College in Auto Diesel. He also graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in Education and a masters in Teaching and Learning. He wanted to be a coach and teaching is just coaching in a classroom. Or is it coaching is just teaching in athletics? Either way he enjoys what he does. He started teaching in the 1996-1997 school year. In his free time he likes to go fishing in Minnesota, or anywhere that the fishing is good.

Mrs. Billie Wood

Billie has been working at Spencerville Schools since 2006; she worked at US Bank for five years and fifteen years as a cosmetologist.  She also manages the Spencerville Swimming pool. She is a graduate of Spencerville High School and The Ohio State Beauty Academy.  Billie is married to Scott and together they have two daughters -  Cierra and Amelia. In her free time she likes to read, walk, jog, and also volunteer as treasurer at her church. If she wasn't a secretary she would go back to being a cosmetologist.

Mrs. Julie Woods

Mrs. Woods has been teaching at Spencerville since 1996.  Her first two years of teaching were spent at Waynesfield-Goshen.  Her father was the one who inspired her to go into teaching.  She also was inspired by Debbie Morrison and Connie Anderson when taking their classes in school.  She graduated from Spencerville high school and from Bluffton University.  Her degree is in special education grades K-12 and English grades 7-12.  Brian, her husband, is the elementary principal at Parkway.  Together they have children Leah, Sarah, and Michael .  They also have two dogs and two cats.  If she wasn't a teacher she would like to be a stay-at-home mom and a writer.

Mr. Kory Zenz
Mr. Zenz was inspired to go into teaching by his dad. He started teaching at Spencerville in 2015 and previously taught at Delphos Jefferson for 6 years. He graduated in 2001 from Spencerville and attended the University of Findlay for his Bachelor of Science degree (Intervention Specialist). Mr. Zenz has a wife, Maria, and a daughter, Lydia. In his free time, he likes to go golfing, go to Red's games, watch OSU football, spend time at the lake, and work in the yard. If he wasn't a teacher, he would own his own construction company or be a professional landscaper.

Mrs. Brooke Zerbe

Mrs. Zerbe started teaching at Spencerville in 2002. She graduated from Elida High School and from The Ohio State University with her bachelor's and master's degrees. When she was young she loved going into her room and playing "teacher". That feeling never went away which inspired her to become a teacher. She is currently the elementary guidance counselor. Her husband's name is John and they have a daughter, Claire, and a son, Zack. They also have a cat named Annabelle. In her free time Mrs. Zerbe enjoys working on scrapbooks, shopping, and taking naps. If Mrs. Zerbe wasn't a counselor she would love to be a professional organizer!


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