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The Directors of Instruction in Van Wert and Paulding Counties provide assistance, support and consultant services in the Western Buckeye Area local and cooperating school districts to help improve the quality of education. These services vary with the needs and requests of the school districts.  They coordinate county and local school district educational efforts by serving as a link between the Ohio Department of Education and the schools as well as seeking funding for many projects.


Peg Schilb

Director of Instruction for Antwerp and Wayne Trace Local School Districts




Constitution Day

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Services Available

Academic Instructional Support:

Ohio Graduation Test

Language Arts



Social Studies

Visual and Performing Arts

Foreign Language

Health/Physical Education


Library Media


Career - Technical:

Discovery School Technical/Career Education Resources

Agricultural and Environmental Systems

Agricultural Education

Agricultural and Environmental Systems Content Standards

Food and Agricultures of the World

Business, Marketing and IT

Discovery School General Business

Family & Consumer Science

Knowledge Network Explorer: Business

Industrial and Engineering Systems and Health Careers

Advanced Buildings: Technologies and Practices

Autoshop101-Automotive Training Resource Site

Auto Mechanics

Graphic Arts





Curriculum Coordination and Mapping

Directors of Instruction are responsible for the coordination and alignment of local school curriculum maps, courses of study and the Ohio Academic Content Standards. They also assist teachers in the evaluation of textbooks that support the local and state curriculum.


Curriculum Hotspots



Professional Development

Directors of Instruction develop, implement and facilitate professional development programs for school districts. The WBESC-designed PEERS program is the quality professional development model employed, which offers job-embedded, ongoing, peer-reviewed professional development on data-identified needs for each school.



Continuous Improvement Plan Development

Directors of Instruction are available to assists districts working on their district continuous improvement plan.




To obtain funding and incorporate new programs, Directors of Instruction may often write or assist districts and teachers in writing grants. Grants management may also be a provided service.


Writing School Grants


Grant Funding Sources

Grant Funding Opportunities


Grant Management


Grants Obtained by Western Buckeye ESC

Teaching American History

Black Swamp Scholars Teacher Quality Groups - (WebCT Login)

21st Century Grant

Project ALIGN Grant

Project ALIGN Continuation Grant

Project VIEW Grant

Making Schools Work Grant

RPDC Sub-region Grant



Local Professional Development Committee



Mentor Entry Year Program

Directors of Instruction conduct a mentor entry year program for first year teachers in collaboration with all school districts in Paulding and Van Wert Counties.



Educational Links



Teaching Tools (Lesson Plans, Worksheet Generators, Puzzle Makers, etc.)


Special Education Resources on the Internet

The Educator's Reference Desk

Discovery School Teaching Tools

Concept Mapping

Surf Your Work

Internet Safety Plan (PDF file)

Class Safety Plan (PDF file)

Web Wise Kids Interest Form (Word Document)



Interesting Links

Ohio Colleges and Universities

Light-Hearted Teacher Humor