Creating Tickets with Cherwell

Cherwell Support Tickets are sent to the Student Services team via email.
  1. Using your regular email server, enter the address in the To field.
  2. For the Subject of the email, enter your district or building ID and a brief summary of your issue or question.
    For example:
    “FNHS – Need help printing a transcript.”
  3. In the Body of the email, ask your question or explain the issue you’re having in further detail.
    Please see screen shot (below) for an example.
    Screenshots may be embedded or attached in the same way they would for any other email.
You will be notified by email when a member of the Student Services team responds to your ticket.
If more help is needed or more information requested, you may simply reply to the email.
When you are ready to close the ticket, please follow the instructions included at the bottom of your responses, shown below:
If you determine that you no longer need assistance, please click here: Please close my ticket
Do not change the subject line and be sure to include your closing comments in the body of the email.
If you receive an automated response informing you that your email address is not registered for using Cherwell, please contact any of the following Student
Services personnel:
or call 419-228-7417 for assistance.